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More than 90% of consumers start searching for houses to buy or rent from the internet.

It is logical to infer that an operating brokerage or broker without embracing digital marketing is losing more than 50% of its potential clients. At ENVSN Group, We make sure to provide the most effective digital marketing services to make sure you are capitalizing on all potential clients and customers. 

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According to CEO of Estate Agent Co-operative Ltd, David Crombie, in his granted interview to an online media house, Real Estate broker or brokerage that failed to embrace digital market will find it difficult to survival base on marketplace trend in the industry.

Digital marketing is cheaper and efficient compared to conventional marketing on TV and Magazine, billboard, etc. It is less expensive to maintain online presence and advertisement to their potential customers. Digital marketing in the form of website contents does not evaporate like the way advert in magazine and TV do. The advertisements in the web content will always be accessible to the audience for life.

Digital marketing provides enormous opportunity regarding reaching more extensive and broader audiences and prospective clients. More than 4 billion people are on the internet, while more than 62.9% of world population is using mobile phones. These statistics and facts show a large audience if digital marketing is embraced.

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